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On here you will find cats, hot guys, hot guys with cats, more cats moustaches, tattoos, piercings, sexy girls, shoes, art, bright stuff, things that I miss from Thailand, and other stuff that amuses me. And did I mention moustaches?

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(by Luca Gerda László)




If you’re a girl

And you enjoy sex

It’s perfectly okay to talk about your enjoyment of sex

And don’t ever think otherwise

I like sex

is that another word for food cause i love food 

Does this also go for the opposite…?

(via contort)

Posted 23 Apr

I need to stop doing things that I know are damaging me emotionally and mentally.

But I have an addiction and I know it.

I don’t get anything out of doing it, but I continue to do it.

I know I have someone that will try to do anything to get me to stop just so I can be happy.

But even just typing this is keeping me away from doing it and I’m already having withdrawals.

I need help…

I need help accepting help.

Posted 22 Apr

The world is better upside down on Flickr