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On here you will find cats, hot guys, hot guys with cats, more cats moustaches, tattoos, piercings, sexy girls, shoes, art, bright stuff, things that I miss from Thailand, and other stuff that amuses me. And did I mention moustaches?

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Beautiful new piece inspired by photos of Gal Gadot as the new Wonder Woman.

okay so I drew this immediately after the new ww photo release, I couldn’t resist. Loving the design but I would make a few modifications. This is the Wonder Woman I would want to see on the big screen<3 with captain america:winter-soldier-esque shield yesssss!! eventually I’ll turn this into a trinity picture and maybe clean it up *sigh* it was rushed :/ on dA here too [x]

YeePeng Festival by Chattakan Kosol

Can’t believe I’ll be missing this for the second time :(

Mechanical dance by matej.duzel


Underrated perks of being asexual:

1) You can wear whatever underwear you damn well please. You buy your underwear in a pack? Yeah girl, you perf. You prefer briefs to boxers? You go Glen Coco. You’re not trying to impress anybody, so live your dreams.

2) Long distance…

Posted 1 Aug

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There you go, mom! I do NOT try to get attention with my breasts. So stop telling me I need to get breast reduction! Or that I need to cover them up even more. Or that I need to make it look like I have no breasts.

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